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FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation

Questionnaire for evaluation of ScreenFect™ sample

STEP.1 Data Entry
STEP.2 Confirm
STEP.3 Completion

Please fill out the answers as much as possible. We will give a small gift to the people who complete the questionnaire.

Which ScreenFect™ did you

Which cell did you use?

Cell name

HEK293, HeLa etc・・・

Growth Mode

What species of your cell?

Tissue of origin

Ex. blood

Cell culture scale

Molecules for transfection

If you do co-transfection, select both.

Amount of transfected

Plasmid DNA(μg/well),siRNA(pmol/well) etc.

Amount of transfection
reagent (μl/well)

Cell culture medium
(Basal medium)

FBS or FCS etc. (%)

Antibiotic agents (μg/ml) in culture medium

Other additives in culture medium

Medium change

Ex.1) changed medium to fresh medium containing 10%FBS 6 hours after transfection.

Ex.2) changed medium to serum-free medium just before transfection.

Which transfection method
did you use, 1-Step or 2-Step?

2-Step method seed cells previous day, 1-Step method prepare cell suspension just before transfection.

What cell detachment reagents did you use?

How was the cell viability?

Detection method of transfection efficiency

Multiple answers allowed

Detection time after

How was the transfection efficiency?

Comparison of transfection performance with previous products

Previous products

e.g. Lipofectamine® 3000

Requirments or comments

First Name

Last Name



Zip code






E-mail address

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