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mRNA & Long RNA transfection reagents


New Liposome developed by click chemistry

ScreenFect™mRNA is a transfection reagent consisting of a new cationic liposome by click chemistry screening system*1. ScreenFect™mRNA is suitable for transfection into eukaryotic cells (HeLa, HEK293, MDF cells, etc.) without the replacement of culture medium after transfection because it is not included hazard compounds. ScreenFect™mRNA is used for mRNA transfection procedures.

*1: Biomaterials, Nov.; 33(32): 8160-76, 2012.

  • Direct transfection of mRNA
  • Long RNA transfection
  • Establish iPS cell line without virus vector

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Application data

1.GFP mRNA transfection into HEK293 cells

Transfection conditions of ScreenFect™mRNA
  • ・Cell line: HEK293
  • ・Protocol: 1-Step method (See below), no-medium replacement
  • ・Well format: 96 well plate
  • ・Amount of transfection reagent: 0.3 μL/well
  • ・Amount of RNA: GFP mRNA [TriLink #L-6101] 75 ng/well
  • ・Detection time: 24 hours after the transfection
  • ・Detector: Cytation3 microscope [BioTek]

2. EGFP mRNA transfection into HeLa cell (with SFA P-reagent)

Transfection conditions of ScreenFect™mRNA (SF mRNA), SF mRNA + SFA P-reagent
  • [Cell number] 0.7x105 cells/well
  • [Amount of mRNA] 0.1μg/assay
  • [Ratio] mRNA(μg):ScreenFect™mRNA reagent(μl)= 1:4
  • [Amount of SFA P-reagent] 0.2μl/well
     mRNA(μg):SFA P-reagent(μl) = 1:2
  • [Well format] 24 well plates
  • [Detection time] 48 hours after the transfection

ScreenFect™mRNA transfection conditions

mRNA transfection (/well) Standard Protocol
Plate size Surface area Medium volume Total volume mRNA-lipid complex Rate of mRNA : Transfection Reagent mRNA / Dilution Buffer Transfection Reagent / Dilution Buffer
96 wells 0.3cm2 100μl 10μl 1:3 50ng / 5μl 0.15μl / 5μl
1:4 0.2μl / 5μl
24 wells 2cm2 500μl 50μl 1:3 250ng / 25μl 0.75μl / 25μl
1:4 1.0μl / 25μl
12 wells 4cm2 1000μl 100μl 1:3 500ng / 50μl 1.5μl / 50μl
1:4 2.0μl / 50μl
6 wells 10cm2 2000μl 250μl 1:3 1250ng / 125μl 3.75μl / 125μl
1:4 5.0μl / 125μl

Outline of ScreenFect™mRNA protocol


 The ideal mixing ratio of mRNA and transfection reagent varies depending on the type of cells.
 We will recommend you to examine several ratios and choose the best one.

ScreenFect™mRNA product information

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Code No. Product name ScreenFect™mRNA Transfection Reagent Dilution Buffer for ScreenFect™mRNA Price (JPY)
293-75901 ScreenFect™mRNAicon 0.2ml 10ml Click here
299-75903 ScreenFect™mRNAicon 1ml 50ml Click here
297-75904 ScreenFect™mRNAicon 1ml×5 50ml×5 Click here

Related Products

Complete RNA series

The following products are homogeneous mRNAs. Cap structure at the 5' end and a Poly(A) tail at the 3' end are added to the RNA full-length sequence, respectively.
They can be used as templates to obtain control data of absolute quantitation or validation in real-time PCR assay .

Code No. Product Name Pkg. Size Price
314-06631 -80 degree C Albumin mRNA, Human 100ng 32,000
317-06861 -80 degree C Beta Actin mRNA, Human 100ng 32,000
313-06841 -80 degree C GAPDH mRNA, Human 100ng 32,000
314-06871 -80 degree C Beta Actin mRNA, Rat 100ng 32,000
310-07331 -80 degree C Cebpd mRNA, Rat 100ng 32,000
313-07321 -80 degree C Ctss mRNA, Rat 100ng 32,000
310-06851 -80 degree C GAPDH mRNA, Rat 100ng 32,000
318-06891 -80 degree C Hsd17b2 mRNA, Rat 100ng 32,000
311-06881 -80 degree C Hpx mRNA, Rat 100ng 32,000
316-07311 -80 degree C Lgals9 mRNA, Rat 100ng 32,000
311-06901 -80 degree C Mt1a mRNA, Rat 100ng 32,000
318-06911 -80 degree C Orm1 mRNA, Rat 100ng 32,000

*For the latest price information, access Wako Online Catalog with a click of each Wako Catalog No.

TriLINK Product
Product name Maker Code Pkg. Size Price (JPY)
-80 degree CEGFP mRNA L-6101-20 20μg 34,200
L-6101-100 100μg 81,100
L-6101-1000 1mg 432,000
-80 degree CFLuc mRNA L-6107-20 20μg 34,200
L-6107-100 100μg 81,000
L-6107-1000 1mg 432,000
  • icon ∙∙∙ Store at 2 to 10°C
  • icon ∙∙∙ Store at −20°C
  • icon ∙∙∙ Store at −80°C
  • Store at room temperature if not specified.
  • icon ∙∙∙ Specified poisonous substance
  • iconicon ∙∙∙ Poisonous substance
  • iconiconicon ∙∙∙ Deleterious substance
  • icon ∙∙∙ Class 1 Specified Chemical Substance by the Evaluation of Chemical Substances and Regulation of Their Manufacture, etc. (CSCL)
  • icon ∙∙∙ Class 2 Specified Chemical Substance by the CSCL
  • icon ∙∙∙ Poisonous substance
  • icon ∙∙∙ Deleterious substance
  • icon ∙∙∙ Class 1 designated substance by the Act on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the Regulation of Specific Chemicals,
  • icon ∙∙∙ Class 2 designated substance by the same act
  • icon ∙∙∙ Psychotropic
  • icon ∙∙∙ Raw material of specified narcotics and psychotropics
  • icon ∙∙∙ Cartagena Protocol

* The details given show the information available as of October 2016.

The reagent given is intended only for the purposes of testing and research and cannot be used as a “drug”, “food” or “household product”.
Suggested delivery prices show the “price of the product alone” not including consumption tax.
Suggested delivery prices are the prices at the time of preparation of this article.

ScreenFect™ References
  1. Diefenbacher, Markus E., et al. "The LIM Domain Protein nTRIP6 Recruits the Mediator Complex to AP-1-Regulated Promoters." PLoS ONE 9.5 (2014): e97549.
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