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DNA and siRNA transfection reagent


A New liposome developed by click chemistry!!

ScreenFect™siRNA is a transfection reagent for siRNA consisting of a new cationic liposome screened*1 by click chemistry. ScreenFect™siRNA is compatible with serum and the transfection operation can be carried out simply because of its low cytotoxicity. The constituent reagents contain no poisonous or deleterious substances.

*1 Biomaterials. 2012 Nov; 33(32):8160-6.

  • High knockdown efficiency and low cytotoxicity
  • siRNA transfection optimization buffer included
  • No need to exchange medium and can be used in the presence of serum

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Outline of ScreenFect™siRNA Protocol


The ideal mixing ratio of siRNA and transfection reagent varies depending on the type of cells.
We will recommend you to examine several ratios and choose the best one.

Standard Protocol

siRNA transfection (/well) Standard Protocol
Plate size Surface area Medium volume Total volume siRNA-lipid complex siRNA / Dilution Buffer ScreenFect™siRNA / Dilution Buffer
96 wells 0.3cm2 100μl 10μl 1pmol / 5μl 0.1μl / 5μl
24 wells 2cm2 500μl 50μl 5pmol / 25μl 0.5μl / 25μl
12 wells 4cm2 1000μl 100μl 10pmol / 50μl 1.0μl / 50μl
6 wells 10cm2 2000μl 250μl 25pmol / 125μl 2.5μl / 125μl

Transfection efficiency to cells may vary depending on the type and/or the condition of cells and the combination with the siRNA to be transfected. When starting a transfection experiment, examine several conditions for quantitative ratio and quantities used of siRNA and ScreenFect™siRNA Transfection Reagent, and investigate the optimal conditions.
Refer to the instruction manual included with this product for details on the method of use of ScreenFect™siRNA.

Examples of use of ScreenFect™siRNA

Knockdown efficiency of siRNA transfection


siRNA transfection siRNA can be transfected with ScreenFect™siRNA!!

LRP6 siRNA was transfected into MEF cells and the amount of expression of LRP6 was examined by western blotting 24 hours after transfection. ScreenFect™siRNA showed knockdown efficiency is equal or superior to the competitor's products.



Toxicity in HEK293 cells was verified under fluorescent microscope 24 hours after transfection and ScreenFect™siRNA showed lower cytotoxicity than Company A’s product.

Application data

Experiment of tranasfecting PIK3CB siRNA to HeLa cells (adherent cells)                

The experiment of transfection of PIK3CB siRNA to HeLa cells was done by both methods of the reverse transfection (1-Step) and the forward transfection (2-Step). The expression quantity of PIK3CB mRNA was measured by real-time quantitative PCR.
Compare the knockdown efficiency from the quantified result against the competitor, ScreenFect™siRNA showed knockdown efficiency is equal or superior to the competitor’s product.

Comparisons the pereformance of HeLa cells (adherent cells)


[Cell number] 1×105cells/well
[Amount of siRNA] 5pmol/assay
[Amount of transfection reagent]
 ScreenFect™siRNA reagent = 0.5μl
 Other company's product = 1.5μl
[well format] 24 well plates
[Detection time] 48 hours after the transfection

[Cell number] 0.5×105cells/well
[Amount of siRNA] 5pmol/assay
[Amount of transfection reagent]
 ScreenFect™siRNA reagent = 0.5μl
 Other company's product = 1.5μl
[well format] 24 well plates
[Detection time] 48 hours after the transfection

ScreenFect™siRNA product information


We will provide you with samples of this product.
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[Term of campaign : November 11, 2016 to February 28, 2017 ] For further information, inquires to our distributors.

Kit composition/price list
Code No. Product name ScreenFect™siRNA Transfection Reagent Dilution Buffer fo ScreenFect™siRNA Price
299-75001 ScreenFect™siRNAicon 0.2ml 10ml Click here
295-75003 ScreenFect™siRNAicon 1ml 50ml Click here
293-75004 ScreenFect™siRNAicon 1ml×5 50ml×5 Click here
  • icon ∙∙∙ Store at 2 to 10°C
  • icon ∙∙∙ Store at −20°C
  • icon ∙∙∙ Store at −80°C
  • Store at room temperature if not specified.
  • icon ∙∙∙ Specified poisonous substance
  • iconicon ∙∙∙ Poisonous substance
  • iconiconicon ∙∙∙ Deleterious substance
  • icon ∙∙∙ Class 1 Specified Chemical Substance by the Evaluation of Chemical Substances and Regulation of Their Manufacture, etc. (CSCL)
  • icon ∙∙∙ Class 2 Specified Chemical Substance by the CSCL
  • icon ∙∙∙ Poisonous substance
  • icon ∙∙∙ Deleterious substance
  • icon ∙∙∙ Class 1 designated substance by the Act on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the Regulation of Specific Chemicals,
  • icon ∙∙∙ Class 2 designated substance by the same act
  • icon ∙∙∙ Psychotropic
  • icon ∙∙∙ Raw material of specified narcotics and psychotropics
  • icon ∙∙∙ Cartagena Protocol

* The details given show the information available as of October 2016.

The reagent given is intended only for the purposes of testing and research and cannot be used as a “drug”, “food” or “household product”.
Suggested delivery prices show the “price of the product alone” not including consumption tax.
Suggested delivery prices are the prices at the time of preparation of this article.

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